Considering the state of the economy and high cost of IT expenditure, SMART SCHOOL bundle our IT development and support services in an affordable way for schools ranging from development, hardware, security, training and consulting services in a single plan.

We have designed different plans to ensure every school will take advantage of this opportunity to reduce their cost of operations and increase the ROI

Starter Plan N15,000 Monthly

This plan comes with the following features and 24/7 support

  1. Online School Management System:

Our school management system is the most comprehensive and user-friendly School Management System you will ever get. It comes with every module your school needs to run online such as Online student admission, promotion, marks management, teacher’s module, transport module, parent’s module, result module, Fee payment, Online payment, SMS integration, report modules, etc.

  1. Standard School website:

Our website will be uniquely designed, unlimited pages, blogs, photo gallery, easy to administer, free domain and email addresses.

  1. Online Account Management system:

Manage your account right inside your School Management system. Have an overview of your income and expenses monthly, per-term and annually.

  1. Graphic Design Services:

We take away the stress of getting graphic designers who deliver amateur jobs that taint your school’s brand. We will do unlimited number of graphic designs for your school.

Economy Plan N35,000 Monthly

This plan comes with all the features of the starter plan and the following features:

  1. Software Support:

With our partnership with Microsoft and antivirus software companies, we provide Microsoft Office applications, antivirus software and other educational software to ensure your systems are equipped for a standard educational IT system. We troubleshoot your PCs monthly, fix software patches and installations of relevant software for your school.

  1. Social Media & Digital Marketing:

We set up, manage and market your school on social media channels. Part of our responsibilities is to create text and visual contents that will be published on your social channels and email newsletters weekly. We send email broadcast to our various contact database to market your school offers. We also design online add copy for you.

  1. HR and Payroll Management system

We deploy a omprehensive online HR and Payroll system that will help you manage your workforce: Leave, attendance, Bio-data, documents, departments, designation & payroll.

  1. Advance File Management system (100GB)

Never Loose a document again. With our advance document manager, you can back-up all important files such as scanned forms, documents, pictures etc and access them anywhere.

Business Plan N50,000 Monthly

This plan comes with all the features of the economy plan and the following features:

  1. Weekly Computer Class: We deploy our ICT trainers to take your students in a weekly ICT and computer programming class. This is a practical approach to coding with projects to show for it at the end of the month or term. This training also prepares your students to participate in our annual coding competition.
  1. Hardware Servicing and Repairs: We take away the myth of PC Repairs and servicing and prevent you from falling a victim of fake computer engineers. We diagnose, repair and service your computers with a guarantee.

Custom Plan

We understand the needs of people are different, hence we create the avenue for you to tell us what your needs are our Experts are willing to provide the IT solutions just for you.

Benefits of SMART SCHOOL to your School.

  1. Reduces the cost of operation, saves time, make you more productive.
  2. Gives your School the prestige and smartness of ICT compliant
  3. Free ICT Consultation Services.
  4. Quick response time on support issues.
  5. Free annual in-house training for Staff on relevant ICT packages.
  6. 30% discount on all our Master Class Training for Staff.
  7. Linking your school with international IT Firms for freebies and supports.
  8. Students will be given 40% discount to join our upcoming Young African Coders Club (YACO)
  9. Pupils will participate in our annual coders’ challenge
  10. Outsourcing and original ICT equipment purchase services.
  11. Regular updates of our solutions with no extra charges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Smart School Plans has a setup/start-up fee of N35,000 which covers the first month also.

Our Digital marketing service in the Smart School Plan does not include paid advert or sponsored post. Clients who want paid advert will pay the AD agency while we do the AD copies (unlimited designs).

Hardware Repairs: We only cover the actual repair and software issues, if there is a need for the purchase of a part the client will be responsible for the purchase while we advise on the right part.