Our Security experts team are equipped with all the tools and tricks available to real-world hackers, to carryout extensive penetration tests on your applications, networks and infrastructures so as to discover weak points.

After our penetration test we present comprehensive report explaining discovered threats and recommend  appropriate solutions.

As part of our security solutions we also train your staff on how to be security concious and as it is often said “humans are the weakest link in an enerprise security”

Application Security Testing

We help identify and prioritize organizational risks and works towards a secure software development lifecycle.

  • Our penetration testers will analyze your web or mobile application for security loopholes and remove them even before the bad guys discover them.
  • Uncover vulnerabilities and poor security controls within the application
  • Expose insecure functionality in your app: some functionalities can be good but pose great security threat to your application.
  • Discover security design flaws before it’s too late

Network and Infrastructure Security Solutions

With the rate of cyber security bridge it’s become a necessity for every well-meaning organization to constantly analyze and audit there IT infrastructure and network for security breach. We provide the following solutions:

  • Analyze your network & infrastructure with real life hacking tools for weaknesses
  • Identify and exploit uncovered vulnerabilities
  • Check services, patch levels and configurations
  • Comprehensive reports after test and analysis
  • Security advice and consultations