We are a process centric organization, constantly striving to set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

In order to achieve a consistent standard of quality, we look not just at what we do, but how we do it as well. All our processes are measured for flexibility, simplicity and predictability. Our goal for the next few years is to establish an infrastructure that institutionalizes effective software engineering and project management across the organization.

We have 3 Process teams working for our customers in E-Factor.

  1. The Customer Acquisition and Relation Experts (CARE) is responsible for understanding customer needs and looking for products and partnerships that help our customers get better value solutions to their problems. CARE understands that ultimately, it is our customers’ business success and not just the project completion that should justify the end point of our efforts.


  1. The Customer Fulfillment team is the operational team or the design and development teams that work on all client projects. We believe that the key to lower Total Cost of Ownership lies in good application design and development. Use of accepted modeling standards; iterative-driven development and coding standards go a long way in making scalable, robust and error free software.


  1. The Customer Care team starts off where most software development leaves. We understand that as software developers, we are in the best position to help manage and enhance your software in a world where the only things that aren’t changing are probably already dead.

Back Office System Manager

BOSMAN is a revolutionary enterprise application for small and medium scale business that helps companies’ manage their business process and corporate communication on the go.


BOSMAN that can be deployed on a company’s network or on an online server to handle corporate wide communications with company staff, departments, teams. The system is designed to also handle outgoing mails to clients and vendors.


CCM can be used for instant chat amongst colleague within an organization, mails within and outside the organization, message stream which displays message to every users or specific departments including sharing of documents and images. CCM can help you keep your staff members updated with product, service and project banners.


Corporate Communication Manager is suitable for both small and medium scale business in various industries that operate local and/or remote teamE.g. Finance, Marketing, Legal, Media, Health, Education, NGO, Construction, Service etc.


Please Note: Client specific customization can also be done.


BOSS-360 is a revolutionary managed IT package designed by E-factor Solutions to help Small businesses with comprehensive IT support plans that gives the best solution to their technological needs, while taking away the burden of managing an IT person or an IT department from off their shoulder so they can focus on their core business process. BOSS-360 can help an organization managed both her hardware and software systems without an IT department.


BRANDbox is a package designed by E-factor to help businesses, professionals, institutions take advantage of digital, social marketing and brand consistency to expand their reach and market coverage.