enterpriseONE is a revolutionary enterprise application for small and medium scale business that helps companies manage their corporate communication on the go.

enterpriseONE can be deployed on a company’s network or on an online server to handle corporate wide communications with company staff, departments, teams. The system is designed to also handle outgoing mails to clients and vendors.

This solution can be used for instant chat amongst colleague within an organization, mails within the organization, message stream which displays message to every users or specific departments including sharing of documents and images. enterpriseONE can help you keep your staff members updated with product, service and project banners.

enterpriseONE is suitable for both small and medium scale business in various industries that operate local and/or remote team E.g. Finance, Marketing, Legal, Media, Health, Education, NGO, Construction, Service etc.


Create channels for teams, departments, projects, topics or simply anything and organize communication, file sharing, task- and event management and collaboration fast and efficient.

Send private messages and create group chats to connect and collaborate with team members and colleagues directly and privately.

A drive is like a virtual external hard drive. Create drives for teams, departments, projects, work-groups or simply anything to share and exchange files and data effortlessly.

Create events in any channel, message or group chat to manage and organize events, dates, appointments and meetings etc. with ease.

Create tasks in any channel, message or group chat to manage and organize tasks and track progress on anything that happens. Users can work on tasks, update the current status and much more to ensure perfect collaboration and transparency.

Admins can create unlimited users. Every user has a profile with Avatar to create a great experience throughout the whole application.