Digital marketing is becoming the new traditional marketing. Business decisions are mad eon the go, customers are searching the Internet for clues to business decisions, the question is: will they find you?

If no then there’s an emergency, you have to position your business fast on the digital space. We provide various digital marketing solutions for small and medium scale businesses.

We position your brand through solutions like proximity marketing (Geotargeting & Geofencing), Retargeting, Social media marketing, Dynamic online advert, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

Proximity Marketing Solutions

Why throw money around by targeting a state when you can actually target a specific coordinate on the Map?

With our proximity marketing solutions you can tailor your campaign to a specific coordinate on the map or specific area like an event centre, shopping mall, school campus, airport or hotel with our geo-fencing and geo-targeting technology. Everyone within the set coordinate gets to see your adverts and you can followup with them with retargeting even after they leave the area.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

With over 1 billion people on Facebook, 500 million on twitter, 350 million on Instagram and over 1.2 billion on Whatsapp you have no business outside social media.

We have built an effective team that can help your business with a strategic social media marketing plan and implementation. Our team can take you from scratch to creating, branding and marketing your products and services on various social media platforms with a good ROI, no matter the size of your business.

Content and Email Marketing

If content is still the King then email should be the King’s seat. This combine solution is one of the most effective digital marketing solution across industries over the years.

Let’s help you develop contents that will drive traffic to you, contents that will tag you a professional in your industry. From our little research as a company over the years we discover that customers usually patronize people they trust or consider as authority in the specific field.

One of the ways to build that trust is through relevant content development. We have content developers who can help you conquer your industry.

The most trusted vehicle to reach your customers is Email and we have a winning strategy for that.