Website Development

We build scalable website and web applications for business and individuals. At E-factor we follow professional guidelines and standards in developing our applications so as to meet maximum security and performance level while not compromising your brand identity.


Mobile App Development

The world has gone mobile, you can’t afford to be left out. Let’s help you develop mobile apps that delivers business value. We build Native and Cross platform mobile apps for the three-major mobile OS: iOS, Android and Windows.


Custom Software Development

We can help bring life to your custom business software. If you can think it we can help you achieve it. Our development team is highly skilled and experienced in software development on various platforms and technology.


Pen. Testing and Security

The matter of IT security is not what should be taken with levity if you want your business to succeed. Before an Intruder breaks in we can help you test the security level of your IT systems and solution and fix whatever can be easily broken.


Cloud Solution

The cost and risk of running internal IT infrastructure can be very high with time as your corporate demand increased but we have an answer. We have partnered with the most trusted Cloud solution providers to help you cut down your IT cost.


Digitial Marketing

We provide various digital marketing solutions for small and medium scale businesses. We position your brand through solutions like proximity marketing (Geotargeting & Geofencing), Retargeting, Social media marketing, Dynamic online advert.


Hardware/Network Solutions

We provide support for your IT Infrastructures ranging from a PC, Laptop, servers and other peripheral devices. When your devices fail you in the middle of mission critical projects we will be right there for you.


Consulting and Training

You can leverage on our wealth of experience and expertise at E-factor for your IT related issues. We help companies with relevant consultation on their IT needs. We also train your staff for staff on various technology products and solutions.


We are a technology development and service company that specializes both in the hardware and software area of ICT, offering a cross fertilization of ideas in innovative technological solutions, with products and services in the following industries amongst others: Education, Health, Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Human Resource, Security, Professional, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment, Logistics, Property, automobile and Marketing etc.



enterpriseONE is a revolutionary enterprise communication solution for small and medium scale business that helps companies manage their corporate communications, tasks and files on the go. Everything your team will ever need to stay connected.

Every business deserves a website but not all can afford it, so we came to the rescue with a simple WordPress powered website creation platform through which any one can create a highly functional and mobile responsive website online.

Smart School

Considering the state of the economy and high cost of IT expenditure, SMART SCHOOL bundle our IT development and support services in an affordable way for schools ranging from development, hardware, security, training and consulting services in a single plan.

Thinking of starting a project?

Talk to us now and we will be glad to help you out. We want to go all the way with you, you can be rest assured that you will never walk alone when it comes to your technological supports. We'll always be there.



BOSS-360 is a revolutionary managed IT package designed by E-factor Solutions to help Small businesses with comprehensive IT support plans that gives the best solution to their technological needs, while taking away the burden of managing an IT person or an IT department from off their shoulder so they can focus on their core business process. BOSS-360 can help an organization managed both her hardware and software systems without an IT department.